FLUG – A Bentley Institute Sponsored Users' Group


(Effective 8/5/05)

To Cancel a FLUG Registration, the Attendee must contact by email the FLUG treasurer, Ed Wolfson at: Ed.Wolfson@hdrinc.com .
Email Cancellation Requests received:

  • 8 days prior to the Start Date will be eligible for a Full Refund of the FLUG Registration and Workshop Fees.
  • Less than 7 day, but more than 24 hours will be eligible for a 50% Refund of the Registration Fee, but NO Refund for Workshop Fees.
  • Less than 24 hours will NOT be eligible for Refund of the Registration or Workshop Fees.

If the FLUG Conference (or) paid Workshop(s) must be cancelled for any reason, Attendees of that Conference (or) paid Workshop(s) will be Fully Refunded.

All Attendees registered, regardless of payment option, must adhere to the Cancellation Policy, if they will NOT be attending the conference.

Attendees choosing the “Pay-at-Door” or “Pay-By-Check” payment options who DO NOT adhere to the Cancellation Policy of this conference will be billed in Full for the Registration Fees and Registered Workshop Fees. The Attendee’s Company will be contacted for billing purposes.

For any payment or refund questions, please contact the FLUG treasurer, Ed Wolfson at: Ed.Wolfson@hdrinc.com .