FLUG – A Bentley Institute Sponsored Users' Group

Eligibility Policy


Speakers will register under the Attendee Registration and NOT registered as a Representative under the Support Package registration area, regardless of affiliation, but may be identified as the Contact person for the Support Company. (Even if the Speaker is the sole representative for a registered Support Company, they will still be eligible to participate with full Attendee benefits.)

Speakers are on a volunteer basis and it is not the policy to provide payment, unless there is a hardship involved and the Speaker requests funds. In that instance, it is the policy to only reimburse for expenses such as airlines, gas, hotel or printing. Food expense is not eligible since breakfast and lunch for each day is provided.

Support Company representatives are not permitted to participate in the door prize give a ways. Support Company representatives may be entitled to the FLUG registration gift at the end of the Forum IF quantities last. (Support Company representatives will be identified by their Name Badge.)

Support Company representatives are permitted to participate in all Paid Raffles through purchase of a ticket at the prescribed cost.