OpenBuildings Designer for Early Conceptual Modeling and Analysis Workflows


OpenBuildings Designer for Early Conceptual Modeling and Analysis Workflows

Instructor: Mark Enos – Bentley
Time: 2:45pm – 3:45pm

    PDH Credits Available: N/A

Seats Available: 0

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OpenBuildings Designer provides building information modeling (BIM) advancements with multiple discipline capabilities to design, analyze, document, and visualize buildings of any size, form, and complexity. It also has powerful tools for space planning as well as intelligent 3D massing models with easy to use push-pull intelligent solid modeling capabilities.

• Bentley’s ContextCapture solution, creates real-world digital context in the form of a 3D scalable reality mesh models from photographs. This Scalable Mesh Model (.3MX), along with Point Cloud models, can be referenced into OpenBuildings models to capture existing conditions.
• Bentley’s Generative Components, (included with OpenBuildings Designer), allows rapid computational design alternatives of building massing studies, and much more.
• OpenBuildings Energy Simulator (included with OpenBuildings Designer), has a Conceptual modelling mode, that can be used for preliminary calculations and analysis, early on in the design stage, to analyze important decisions such as site location, building geometry and solar orientation.
• Bentley’s OpenSite Designer allows you to quickly model parametric parking, sidewalks, driveways, building pads, and general site conditions.
• Bentley’s LEGION Pedestrian software can simulate and analyze the foot traffic on infrastructure assets including rail and metro stations, stadiums, shopping malls, and airports. Accurately test designs and operational or commercial plans to enhance footfall, wayfinding, crowd management, and safety and security strategies on all phases of design.