Early Conceptual Site and Building Modeling with OpenBuildings & OpenSite Designer


Early Conceptual Site and Building Modeling with OpenBuildings & OpenSite Designer

Instructor: Mark Enos – Bentley
Time: 2:45pm – 3:45pm

    PDH Credits Available: N/A

Seats Available: 0

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Explore Bentley’s collaborative digital BIM workflows to rapidly evaluate different conceptual building mass modeling alternatives on a site by optimizing the building and site configuration by quickly laying out parking and access roads. You can incorporate, analyze, and manipulate a wide range of data, such as point clouds, reality meshes, photogrammetry, total station surveys, and terrain.
OpenBuildings Designer provides building information modeling (BIM) advancements with multiple discipline capabilities to design, analyze, document, and visualize buildings of any size, form, and complexity. It also has powerful tools for space planning as well as intelligent 3D massing models with easy to use push-pull intelligent solid modeling capabilities as well as Solar Study capabilities. Bentley’s Computational Design tool Generative Components allows rapid parametric design alternatives of building massing studies. OpenBuildings Designer Energy Simulator has a Conceptual mode that can take early schematic massing models and quickly perform energy Consumption Reports and what if scenarios.
OpenSite Designer allows you to quickly create, revise, and optimize multiple site design scenarios for commercial, industrial, and campus projects. Conceptualize and detail parking lots, streets, sidewalks, buildings pads, and other design features using auto-drawing capabilities and interactive 3D modeling.