BIM Enlivened – LumenRT & OpenBuildings Designer


BIM Enlivened – LumenRT & OpenBuildings Designer

Instructor: Mark Enos – Bentley
Time: 9:45am – 10:45am

    PDH Credits Available: N/A

Seats Available: 0

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Enrich your infrastructure and BIM models to make them look more realistic with LumenRT. Rendering with LumenRT not only saves your time but also provides a huge library of 3D content to add more innovative features to your model. Immerse buildings within a real-time visualization environment populated with moving people, wind-swept plants with seasonal foliage, rolling clouds, rippling water, and animated vehicles. With LumenRT Pro you can easily share interactive, immersive 3D presentations with any stakeholder. Output to 360 Static VR with Google Carboard, or Immersive VR with devices such as Oculus Rift and Samsung Vive. Digital Workflows of importing other file formats such as ScalableMesh (*.3sm) models created from Bentley’s ContextCapture software to create 3D models from photographs will be explored.
Also included will be Tips, Tricks, and New Features such as the new Heads-Up display “Driver Mode” enabled with a wheel controller to simulate driving inside of a vehicle directly in the LumenRT scene.