* Developing Better Models with Construction and Machine Control in Mind


Construction – Machine Control: * Developing Better Models with Construction and Machine Control in Mind: John Matern & Mike Donahue – Kimley-Horn: 1:30pm – 2:30pm

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Event Start Time: 1:30 PM
Event End Time: 2:30 PM

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As construction equipment gets more sophisticated and can utilize models through machine control, the need for accurate models increases. This session covers tips and tricks on how to develop better models in preconstruction that can then be translated into construction equipment directly, saving the contractor time and money during both bidding and construction phases. This is particularly important with the industry releasing more and more 3D and earthwork models with their submittals, and are trying to increase the reliability of their digital files. Tips and tricks covered during this session were developed during working sessions in Utah (with UDOT) with several contractors providing use cases and testing the methods on the back end.
Objective 1: Apply best practices for modeling during pre-construction
Objective 2: Demonstrate the benefits of modeling with construction and machine control in mind
Objective 3: Summarize the value in bidding and construction for the contractor as well as to the owner