** Leveraging Point Cloud Project Data for Effective Support of 3D Design/Construction Processes


TopoDot: ** Leveraging Point Cloud Project Data for Effective Support of 3D Design/Construction Processes: Zach Diaz – TopoDOT: 9:45am – 10:45am

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Event Start Time: 9:45 AM
Event End Time: 10:45 AM

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As traditional infrastructure design methods migrate from 2D to 3D modeling, this presentation aims to show a collaborative process integrating geospatial operations across downstream transportation design processes to deliver Digital Twin at minimum cost and maximum quality where and when they are needed.
New geospatial technologies (mobile LiDAR, UAV, etc.) quickly acquire large amounts of point cloud data, calibrated images and more. While this raw form of data supports the development of high-quality Digital Twin s, we see the need for a well-defined and productive process for the extraction of features, assets and topographies necessary to construct a Digital Twin. We’ll explore how a significant level of geospatial expertise is required to establish a traceable lineage from the raw data and any extracted Digital Twin to documented survey control to assure the quality of every Digital Twin.
We’ll look at the new TopoShare™ Geospatial Data Catalogue and how it serves a critical role in the execution of a comprehensive Digital Twin process. We will then introduce the TopoShare™’s unique ability to effectively communicate every instance of geospatial project data across downstream operations. This communication workflow makes possible the documentation and maintenance of quality standards of Digital Twin centered design process.