Producing FDOT Compliant Plans with OpenBridge Modeler


Producing FDOT Compliant Plans with OpenBridge Modeler

Instructor: Steve Tissier – American Consulting Professionals, LLC
Time: 11:am – 12:00pm

    PDH Credits Available: N/A

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Do you have doubts about being able to produce a set of bridge plans in OpenBridge Modeler that are derived from the 3D model? Even more so, a set of plans that meet FDOT Structures Detailing Manual standards? There is plenty of documentation out there showing how to do plans production in OBM, but they use simple examples and don’t produce the plans how we need them to look. In this session I’ll walk you through the different workflows, tips, and tricks to producing many of our common bridge plan sheets to a level of detail where we can use them as our project deliverables.