Project Explorer & Grading Optimization


Civil 3D: Project Explorer & Grading Optimization: Shawn Herring – ProSoft: 9:45am – 10:45am

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Event Start Time: 9:45 AM
Event End Time: 10:45 AM

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As an update to Civil 3D 2021, and even more improved in 2024, Autodesk introduced an add on called Project Explorer. Here we will take a deeper dive into PE to explore the benefits of this add-on to Civil 3D. New for Civil 3D 2022/23 is one of the bigger additions in recent years called Grading Optimization (GO). GO Grading Optimization is an extension to Civil 3D that enables designers to perform grading design based on specific project constraints, explore alternatives to achieve an optimal grading solution, and return the selected result to Civil 3D for detailed design.