* T-2-SC I – OpenRoads – Creating and Manipulating the Corridor


OpenRoads: * T-2-SC I – OpenRoads – Creating and Manipulating the Corridor: Jimmie Prow – Bentley: 11:00am – 2:30 pm

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In this course, you will create a roadway corridor and then explore the many tools and techniques to edit and manipulate the corridor. We will take a look at how to add multiple templates drops along the corridor as you encounter intersections, driveways and turn lanes and how to edit and copy template drops in lieu of creating a new template. We will show how to make the corridor follow edge of pavement geometry using point controls and corridor references. You will learn how the secondary alignment tool aids in changing the direction of template processing as it applies to point controls and corridor reference elements. You will also learn how to use parametric constraints to override default template values for pavement depths, curb heights, shoulder slopes and ditch widths and how to use the clipping reference tool to clip out a portion of your corridor. We will take a look at how corridors interact with other corridors by learning how to use target aliasing to seek corridors. And finally we will show how to create end condition exceptions in areas that require a different type of end condition solution.