* Orbit GT


* Orbit GT

Instructor: TBD – Bentley
Time: 2:45pm – 3:45pm

    PDH Credits Available: 1

Seats Available: 0

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Complete software suite to visualize, inspect, manage, extract and share 3D mapping data. Manage and optimize your mapping resources using the 3DM Content Manager. Create, extract and auto produce features and assets using the efficient tools and workflows within 3DM Feature Extraction. Install 3DM Publisher on-premises or activate your account on 3DM Cloud to access your data in a web browser and share your projects over the internet or embed in corporate software and plugins. Merge static scans, mobile, uas, oblique and aerial 3D mapping data together with traditional GIS resources.  Any size and any combination of nadir, oblique, street-level spherical & planar images, point cloud, dsm/dtm, textured mesh, orthophoto and vector resource are supported.