* Computing Earthwork Volumes


* Computing Earthwork Volumes

Instructor: Jimmie Prow – Bentley
Time: 11:00am – 12:00m

    PDH Credits Available: 1

Seats Available: 0

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Earthworks are one of the largest costs to consider for any project. OpenRoads Designer’s model-based design (BIM) approach provides significant flexibility and accuracy in quantity calculations. Come see how the modeling capabilities of OpenRoads Designer help you calculate cut, fill, unsuitable, subsurface, subgrade, and other custom quantities to meet your project requirements. You can report on these 3D volumes with conventional end area volume methods, or compute volumes more accurately with a full prismoid approach directly from the 3d model, or even “slice” up the model to report volumes segregated for staged construction, different areas of the project, or for each plan sheet.